Cable Seal CBS-100

This  High Security Cable Seal is C-TPAT compliant and meets the ISO 17712 standard for a High Security Cable Seal. We have many choices of wire diameter.
– Wire diameter start from 1 mm to 5 mm.
– The Lock Body made from aluminium cast and wire from galvanized steel.
– Non – preformed galvanized cable will unravels when cut to prevent resealing.
– Length of the Seals we provide is 25 cm, we can do longer than that with different price.
– We can offer name, consecutive number and barcode marking  using laser printing method.
– Colors available in red, blue, green, Yellow, Orange and so on.

Our Cable seals are very customized, talk to us to discuss your request.

Code Item CBS-100
Price $ 0.41
Minimum Order 3000 pcs